3D Signs

3D Sign – Souvlaki, 48inches

Dimensional element for signage, Souvlaki franchise outlet. If you can spot the tiny dinner fork on the lower right of the plate, you’ll get an idea of the scale.
3D Sign - Pie in Window, 62 x 43in

This is my dream pie – a nostalgic reminder of a time when Mom put her home-made pies out to cool on the window ledge and the heavenly scent would draw us kids in from beating each other up in the yard. I poured in all that love when I was carving this sign for The Pie Shack.

3D Sign – Crayfish in Sax, 38inches

Created for franchises in the USA specializing in Cajun food, I made and shipped dozens of these crustaceans in sizes from 24 in high to 37 inches.
3D Sign - KFC, 42 inch diameter, 22 inch height

When I’m making signs for KFC, you will find giant wings, drumsticks and thighs all over my studio in various stages of production: blue foam, white Roplex and golden glazed. And me on the sofa gobbling fried chicken which I have to order in to make sure I’m matching the shapes and colour of the real thing.

3D Sign – Dragon, 38 ft. long

My dragons can be seen flying in food courts across Canada. This one is in Scarborough but my favorite one is a toothy red-gold ferocity I carved for a Manchu Wok in Calgary.
3D Sign - Ice cream and drinks, 22 inches height

For Yogen Fruz, I made many flavours and sizes of ice cream in cones and cups. Plus lots of freezy drinks and shakes in giant plastic cups. Much ice cream was consumed in considering the colours and shapes. Veracity, veracity…

3D Sign - Chicken dish, 38 in long

The restaurateur wanted to emphasize the freshness the ingredients, hence the “live” chicken and the whole fresh vegetables.
3D Sign - Big Vegetables

You can see the size of these vegetables by checking out the stolen milk crate.
These big vegetables were shipped to a restaurant in the US to incorporate into
their signage.

3D Displays

3D Display - Jack and the Beanstalk,
38 ft height

Stretching up through the atrium to the skylight of the second floor of Square One, this beanstalk has a playhouse at the bottom, a castle at the top and a boy clambering up a giant bean plant. It was part of a décor scheme I designed, fabricated and installed that included three 32-ft floor murals and dozens of soft sculptures of fantasy sea creatures suspended from the ceiling. The project took five weeks of long late nights to complete. When I wasn’t crawling on all fours painting the parquet, I was leaning out of a 30-foot scissor lift trying to re-e-e-each a hanging wire. I listened to a lot of mall music.
3D Decor - Octopus,
32 ft diameter

I made this glass and acrylic on aluminum sculpture for one of my favorite clients: Filet of Sole, a seafood restaurant in Toronto’s entertainment district. Lit from inside, it is the biggest eight-arm chandelier I’ve ever made.

3D Flying Object, 42 ft diameter

This is a hot air balloon that is completely spherical as the gondola is inside the balloon, not hanging below as is the norm. It was made for the opening of the Olympics in Atlanta and it was my job to paint it as planet Earth. Illuminated from
the inside it would float across the evening sky and give you the spacey feeling that you were seeing your doppelganger in a distance.
3D Display - People

Left - A girl in swing in a tree is the logo of a suburban new-home development. This is a life-sized representation of that logo for their sales pavilion. I’ve made various fake trees for restaurants, malls and hospitals but mostly for new-home developers – and many life-sized people, nymphs, satyrs and mermaids.

On the right, is a surfer dude I made to look as if he was emerging from a wave. I painted the floor with waves and seafoam as well.