Foodstyling - Film

Foodstyling for period films is a specialty of mine so it was a joy to work for several years on the tv series about Nero Wolfe, a detective in the 1940s whose love of gourmet cooking infused every scene.
Foodstyling - Cookbook design

Cookbooks today are often more about looking than cooking so the pictures have to be very evocative. I like to style a dish so you can almost smell the photo through the pages. This is a shot I styled (set and food) for my most recent cookbook, “The Cocktail Chef”. If you want to see more, check out my library by clicking on “shop”.

Foodstyling - Photography

Making food look good for still photography is completely different from film but just as challenging and full of trade secrets. I’ve used hairspray, window caulking, lard and Photoshopping in order to give the client the look he wants – unlike film styling where all must be absolutely natural, edible, allergen-free and tasty with nothing that might inadvertently get caught in an actor’s teeth.
Foodstyling - Photography

When I was Art Director of Epicure Magazine I did as much of the foodstyling as my schedule would allow. Here’s a shot I did for one of our covers.

Foodstyling - Wedding Cake

Although I’ve done lots of traditional lacy Victorian wedding tiers, today’s brides are loving more personalized cakes like this one of the groom on bended knee to his bride who is dressed in a gown of flowing fondant and gum paste blossoms. Of course, there’s chocolate bourbon cake under the billowing skirts.
Foodstyling - Corporate Occasion Cake

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Henry’s, Canada’s best camera chain,
I made a cake that featured several oversized cameras and a flexible tripod made
from TimBits (so Canadian, eh?) perched on top of the Henry’s logo. The decorative elements were covered in fondant icing but the base of dense chocolate cake was
piled high with yummy praline buttercream.

Foodstyling - Birthday Cake

The best cake for the man who has everything is a model of his favorite thing – like one man’s unique restored paddleboat that I reproduced in a cake and gingerbread model.
Foodstyling - Special Occasion Cakes

How better to show the love than by giving a highly personalized birthday cake like this one for a woman whose passion is gambling. And she’s not losing – check the big emerald (jujube candy) ring on the perfectly manicured evenly tanned (gingerbread) hand. The horses racing around the track are made of gingerbread and I made the cards from white and dark chocolate.